At All Flooring Inspections, we inspect floors nation wide, so we encounter laminate flooring problems on a daily basis.

Our core business is helping people determine what caused the issue with their floor.

A lot can go wrong with a floor installation, but here are a few of the most common laminate problems we see:

A laminate floor becomes buckled when boards lift up from the substrate.

Gaps are separations between boards. Gaps can happen along the side joints (the long edges), or end joints (the short ends). A gapping condition is sometimes referred to as “shrinking boards”.

  • Laminate End Joint Gapping
    Laminate End Joint Gapping
  • Laminate Flooring Gaps
    Laminate Flooring Gaps

A scratch is a mark or score on the surface of a plank.

Delamination occurs when there is a separation between one (or more) of the layers that are used to construct a laminate floor.