North America’s leading floor inspection service.

We are a family owned and operated company, performing flooring inspections throughout North America. Our inspections help people resolve their flooring claims.

Why Should You Choose All Flooring Inspections?

We’re Experienced:
We’ve been conducting nation wide flooring inspections longer than anyone else. We’ll help you figure out what caused the issue with your flooring.
You’ll Receive an Excellent Inspection Report:
You’ll get a detailed and understandable inspection report. Most importantly, the report will determine the exact cause of your flooring problem.
We Have Inspectors Near You:
We have a great network of floor inspectors. We can inspect your floor — no matter where in America you’re located.

More About All Flooring Inspections

In addition to conducting certified flooring inspections throughout the country, the owners of All Flooring Inspections are also proud to do the following:

We Hold Industry Leading Educational Events:
We organize and hold educational conferences for the flooring industry.
We Teach Inspectors:
We instruct at schools that train flooring inspectors to become certified.
We Publish Educational Books:
We publish The Claims Advisor, which is a set of manuals that resolve more than 1,000 floor covering problems.
We Hold Training at Large Flooring Corporations:
We conduct training classes for claims employees at manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.
We Write Technical Documents:
We write installation and maintenance guidelines for flooring manufacturers.
We Consult and Speak:
We’ve helped thousands of retailers with flooring claims issues.
We’re Expert Witnesses:
Attorneys hire us (and our network of nation wide inspectors) to be expert witnesses for flooring litigation.