Kaneelhart or brown silverballi are names applied to the genus Licaria. Species of this genus grow mostly in New Guinea and Papau New Guinea and are found in association with greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiei) on hilly terrain and wallaba (Eperua) in forests.  The orange or brownish yellow heartwood darkens to yellowish or coffee brown on exposure to air. The wood is sometimes tinged with red or violet. The texture is fine to medium, and the grain is straight to slightly interlocked.  The wood has a fragrant odor, which is lost in drying.  Kaneelhart is a very strong and very heavy wood (density of air-dried wood is 833 to 1,153 kg/m 3 (52 to 72 lb/ft 3 )); the wood is difficult to work. It cuts smoothly and takes an excellent finish but requires care in gluing. Kaneelhart has excellent resistance to both brown- and white-rot fungi and is also rated very high in resistance to dry-wood termites.  Uses of kaneelhart include furniture, turnery, boat building, heavy construction, and parquet flooring.