Species of Wood: Pine, Lodgepole

Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta), also known as knotty, black, and spruce pine, grows in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast regions as far northward as Alaska. Wood for lumber and other products is produced primarily in the central Rocky Mountain … Continued

Species of Wood: Oak (White Oak Group)

White oak lumber comes chiefly from the South, South Atlantic, and Central States, including the southern Appalachian area. Principal species are white (Quercus alba), chestnut (Q. prinus), post (Q. stellata), overcup (Q. lyrata), swamp chestnut (Q. michauxii), bur (Q. macrocarpa), … Continued

Species of Wood: Oak (Red Oak Group)

Most red oak comes from the Eastern States. The principal species are northern red (Quercus rubra), scarlet (Q. coccinea), Shumard (Q. shumardii), pin (Q. palustris), Nuttall (Q. nuttallii), black (Q. velutina), southern red (Q. falcata), cherrybark (Q. falcata var. pagodaefolia), … Continued

Species of Wood: Merbau

Merbau (Malaysia), ipil (Philippines), and kwila (New Guinea) are names applied to species of the genus Intsia, most commonly I. bijuga. Intsia is distributed throughout the Indo–Malaysian region, Indonesia, Philippines, and many western Pacific islands, as well as Australia.  Freshly … Continued

Species of Wood: Meranti Groups

Meranti is a common name applied commercially to four groups of species of Shorea from southeast Asia, most commonly Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. There are thousands of common names for the various species of Shorea, but the names Philippine … Continued

Species of Wood: Maple, Hard

Hard maple includes sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and black maple (A. nigrum). Sugar maple is also known as hard and rock maple, and black maple as black sugar maple.  Maple lumber is manufactured principally in the Middle Atlantic and Great … Continued

Species of Wood: Manni

Manni (Symphonia globulifera) is native to the West Indies, Mexico, and Central, North, and South America. It also occurs in tropical West Africa. Other names include ossol Gabon), anani (Brazil), waika (Africa), and chewstick (Belize), a name acquired because of … Continued

Species of Wood: Manbarklak

Manbarklak is a common name applied to species in the genus Eschweilera. Other names include kakaralli machin-mango, and mata–mata. About 80 species of this genus are distributed from eastern Brazil through the Amazon basin, to the Guianas, Trinidad, and Costa … Continued

Species of Wood: Mahogany

The name mahogany is presently applied to several distinct kinds of commercial wood. The original mahogany wood, produced by Swietenia mahagoni, came from the American West Indies. This was the premier wood for fine furniture cabinet work and shipbuilding in … Continued

Species of Wood: Larch, Western

Western larch (Larix occidentalis) grows in western Montana, northern Idaho, northeastern Oregon, and on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains in Washington. About two thirds of the lumber of this species is produced in Idaho and Montana and one-third … Continued