What causes hardwood flooring to cup? The Forest Products Laboratory (part of the US Forest Department) defines cupping as: “a distortion of a board in which there is a deviation flatwise from a straight line across the width of the board”.

If your hardwood floor is cupping, you should have it inspected by an independent inspector.

We’ve been providing independent flooring inspections throughout North America longer than anyone else. Scheduling an inspection appointment with All Flooring Inspections can determine the cause of the cupping. You’ll get an inspection that is unbiased, ethical, and fair. We will give what you need: an honest answer from an authority describing what caused the issues with your flooring, and who is at fault for those issues.

The inspection report you’ll get will be the most detailed and understandable inspection report in the industry. A professional flooring inspection will help you determine what you need to do. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss the cupping condition with your hardwood floor.

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